Office Desk for less than $60!

Hello!!! I am unbelievably excited to post about my newest project I just completed. I actually completed last weekend but haven’t had a chance to post about it. I was in desperate need of a workstation for crafting and displaying all my crafting items, hence why I decided to create a desk for my craft room! I decided to repurpose two filing cabinets and a door to complete this idea. Even better, I found the filing cabinets and door at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore! I accidentally overpaid $5 for one of the filing cabinets but didn’t care because it goes to a good cause 🙂 One filing cabinet was $25 the other was $20 and the door was $5. The restore was having a furniture sale of 35% off so I saved even more 🙂 The only other cost was the spray paint. I bought 4 cans which cost about $16 but only used 2.5 cans.

   20150413_222246         20150413_22240620150413_222331

You will need:

  • 2 filing cabinets
  • 1 door
  • 3 cans of white Rustoleum spray paint (I bought 4 just in case but only used about 2.5)
  • Sander and sanding paper
  • Miniwax Wood Finish
  • Rubber gloves

I started by wiping down the filing cabinets and getting the gunk off from the price stickers. Next I set the filing cabinets on a drop cloth (aka an old tablecloth that my dog chewed a hole in). Let the spray painting begin! I let the first coat dry for about 40 minutes. I strongly advise to wait a good chunk of time before applying the next coat, otherwise the paint will either drip or set weird. If you do end up having paint drips, simply take a piece of sandpaper (use a low grit) and sand down the area. I had to do this SEVERAL times so don’t worry, it happens. Also, if you notice after the first coat that it looks “spotty” don’t worry! After each coat of spray paint it will even out. I took pictures of the spotty look just so you know what it will probably look like after the first coat. I applied 3 coats of spray paint for each cabinet. In the end I used about 2.5 cans of spray paint. I plan on stenciling the filing cabinet doors at a later time. I plan on spray painting the hardware gold in the future.               20150404_152602 20150404_15260720150404_15282820150404_15355220150405_17351220150405_17351820150405_17352620150405_173537

While waiting for the spray paint to dry, I started on the door. I was very excited if you can’t tell! I removed the hardware from the door (it was a sliding door). I then started sanding. The grit level I used was 70. I went over the edges a few times just to make sure it was smooth. After you are done sanding, I wiped down the door with wet paper towels. This step is often called “wet sanding”. I waited about an hour before staining. I used the brand Miniwax for my stain. I used a sock to apply the stain. I also wear rubber gloves when staining. I was unhappy with a few areas after I applied the first coat of stain so I sanded down the areas again. I added more stain to those areas but it didn’t look darker than the other areas. I let the door dry overnight. The door didn’t really need stain but I wanted it just a bit darker so that’s why I applied 1 coat of stain.

20150404_155707 20150404_155725 20150404_160320 20150405_180555

The next day, I used a paintbrush (specifically for polyurethane) too apply the polyurethane. I only applied one coat but probably should have applied more because of how often I will use the desk, again I was TOO EXCITED TO WAIT! I let the polyurethane dry another day.

20150404_160338 20150406_185108

Annnnd finally COMPLETE! I moved the filing cabinets into my craft room then set the door right on top. Again, I plan on spray painting the hardware a gold color and stenciling the front of the cabinets. Maybe a navy blue? What do you guys think? Any suggestions? So far it is very sturdy. I know this because I had to sit on it to complete my gallery wall above it 🙂 And of course I had to take several pictures of this “area” because I am so happy about how it turned out! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!

 20150413_222246 20150413_22240620150413_222331  20150413_185752 20150413_232714 20150414_12310120150413_222422

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