Welcome Sign

I really need to get better at blogging! I work on so many little projects at a time that it takes awhile to finish them 🙂 and when I finally do, it takes me even longer to upload the pictures and blog about the project. I’m sure many, many bloggers can relate ha!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this very simple Welcome sign I just recently finished. I have an obnoxious amount of pallets and other random wood particles in my garage. This can be good and bad. The advantage of stocking up on wood “freebies” is that I save money. A downside is that if I don’t use them by August, I will end up putting them on the curb for trash aka wasting my time and energy from when I picked them up. So I have been actively thinking of different ways I can use up my stash before August (that’s when we move). About 6 months ago, I had made a headboard for our Master Bedroom (I have yet to post about it). I had two extra pieces of plywood from this project. I used the longer, skinnier piece of wood to create this sign. I have to admit that I have seen MULTIPLE signs on Pinterest that gave me the idea to create my Welcome sign (got to love Pinterest!)

The materials I used were:

  • Left over plywood
  • Rustuleom white paint
  • Printable letters with charcoal pencil
  • American Decor chalk paint in navy blue
  • Black acrylic paint

I started by painting the plywood white. I used two coats. Yes, that’s a dog crate I’m painting on top of. I have to get creative when I’m on a tight budget 🙂

20150524_105002       20150528_192641

I then found a font on Microsoft Word that I liked and printed the word “welcome”. I used font Batang in bold with a size of 400+. I bought my charcoal pencil from Michaels for under $2. I then traced the letters with the charcoal pencil ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE PAPER. You want to make sure to trace the back side so that when you are tracing it onto the wood, the letters are not backwards. Even though the wood was white at this point, the charcoal outline didn’t show up as clearly as I needed so I went over the letters with a black sharpie marker which put more pressure on the charcoal. This gave it a darker outlining. After I finished tracing the letters onto the plywood I started to fill the letters in with American Decor chalk pain in navy blue. This was my first time using chalk paint. I honestly don’t know why I chose to use chalk paint for the project and you certainly don’t have to use chalk paint for it.

20150528_192623    20150528_200137    20150528_202750

After the letters dried, I printed a picture of a barn door hinge. I enlarged the picture to match the size of the letters. I used the same tracing technique as the letters. I then filled the hinges in with black acrylic paint which I had in my craft room (I probably have 1 shade of every color in acrylic paint, sorry not sorry) I contemplated using actual hinges to give it more texture and depth but decided the wood wasn’t thick enough (and I secretly didn’t want to spend more money haha) I still need to go over the whole sign with a clear, protective coat. Any suggestions on what I should use?

 20150530_130146       20150603_133519       20150603_133510

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