Canvas Art

I found this idea on Pinterest, of course. I don’t have much of an artistic talent when it comes to painting so I tried to keep it simple. If you haven’t tried making an abstract canvas painting yet, I strongly recommend trying it. This isn’t my first canvas painting, but each time I make one I am very impressed with the final product.

As you can see, I used regular acrylic paint in the colors black and metallic gold. I decided to finally break down and make something in my house with a chevron pattern. Not a huge fan of the pattern because of how popular and cheesy it is. You win Pinterest. You win. I decided to make 3 paintings for the area I was planning on hanging them. I thought about switching up the colors for 2 of the 3 but liked the universal look. As you can see, I first painted each canvas with the metallic gold paint. I then started using tape to outline my pattern. Unfortunately, I only had clear tape which makes it hard to see in pictures. It doesn’t matter if you use clear tape or not.


I then glopped on the black paint. On the first canvas, the one pictured below, I used too much. I spread the excess to another canvas. Wahla, 3 black canvases. Oh so goth ;p


And finally, the finished product! Just let it dry and peel off the tape. Very simple project and can’t really go wrong. I did have to use a paintbrush to touch up some sections of gold. Who has time to be a perfectionist anyway? 🙂 I hung the paintings in my guest bedroom and no they are not straight like I wanted them. I need to invest in the tool that helps with that. More decor to come!



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