Canvas Art

I found this idea on Pinterest, of course. I don’t have much of an artistic talent when it comes to painting so I tried to keep it simple. If you haven’t tried making an abstract canvas painting yet, I strongly recommend trying it. This isn’t my first canvas painting, but each time I make one I am very impressed with the final product.

As you can see, I used regular acrylic paint in the colors black and metallic gold. I decided to finally break down and make something in my house with a chevron pattern. Not a huge fan of the pattern because of how popular and cheesy it is. You win Pinterest. You win. I decided to make 3 paintings for the area I was planning on hanging them. I thought about switching up the colors for 2 of the 3 but liked the universal look. As you can see, I first painted each canvas with the metallic gold paint. I then started using tape to outline my pattern. Unfortunately, I only had clear tape which makes it hard to see in pictures. It doesn’t matter if you use clear tape or not.


I then glopped on the black paint. On the first canvas, the one pictured below, I used too much. I spread the excess to another canvas. Wahla, 3 black canvases. Oh so goth ;p


And finally, the finished product! Just let it dry and peel off the tape. Very simple project and can’t really go wrong. I did have to use a paintbrush to touch up some sections of gold. Who has time to be a perfectionist anyway? 🙂 I hung the paintings in my guest bedroom and no they are not straight like I wanted them. I need to invest in the tool that helps with that. More decor to come!



Welcome Sign

I really need to get better at blogging! I work on so many little projects at a time that it takes awhile to finish them 🙂 and when I finally do, it takes me even longer to upload the pictures and blog about the project. I’m sure many, many bloggers can relate ha!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this very simple Welcome sign I just recently finished. I have an obnoxious amount of pallets and other random wood particles in my garage. This can be good and bad. The advantage of stocking up on wood “freebies” is that I save money. A downside is that if I don’t use them by August, I will end up putting them on the curb for trash aka wasting my time and energy from when I picked them up. So I have been actively thinking of different ways I can use up my stash before August (that’s when we move). About 6 months ago, I had made a headboard for our Master Bedroom (I have yet to post about it). I had two extra pieces of plywood from this project. I used the longer, skinnier piece of wood to create this sign. I have to admit that I have seen MULTIPLE signs on Pinterest that gave me the idea to create my Welcome sign (got to love Pinterest!)

The materials I used were:

  • Left over plywood
  • Rustuleom white paint
  • Printable letters with charcoal pencil
  • American Decor chalk paint in navy blue
  • Black acrylic paint

I started by painting the plywood white. I used two coats. Yes, that’s a dog crate I’m painting on top of. I have to get creative when I’m on a tight budget 🙂

20150524_105002       20150528_192641

I then found a font on Microsoft Word that I liked and printed the word “welcome”. I used font Batang in bold with a size of 400+. I bought my charcoal pencil from Michaels for under $2. I then traced the letters with the charcoal pencil ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE PAPER. You want to make sure to trace the back side so that when you are tracing it onto the wood, the letters are not backwards. Even though the wood was white at this point, the charcoal outline didn’t show up as clearly as I needed so I went over the letters with a black sharpie marker which put more pressure on the charcoal. This gave it a darker outlining. After I finished tracing the letters onto the plywood I started to fill the letters in with American Decor chalk pain in navy blue. This was my first time using chalk paint. I honestly don’t know why I chose to use chalk paint for the project and you certainly don’t have to use chalk paint for it.

20150528_192623    20150528_200137    20150528_202750

After the letters dried, I printed a picture of a barn door hinge. I enlarged the picture to match the size of the letters. I used the same tracing technique as the letters. I then filled the hinges in with black acrylic paint which I had in my craft room (I probably have 1 shade of every color in acrylic paint, sorry not sorry) I contemplated using actual hinges to give it more texture and depth but decided the wood wasn’t thick enough (and I secretly didn’t want to spend more money haha) I still need to go over the whole sign with a clear, protective coat. Any suggestions on what I should use?

 20150530_130146       20150603_133519       20150603_133510

Fun Picture Frame Project

WOOOOOOW, I have not updated my blog in a month! It has been a crazy month (both sisters graduated, mother’s day, and one of my sisters is getting married). I have been working on updating my parent’s house rather than working on projects of my own, which I’m completely okay with 🙂 But I finally completed an easy picture frame project that anyone could do!

I found this picture frame at Goodwill and really liked the details on the frame. I had to use pliers to rip out the staples on the back of the frame. This was a lot harder than you would think, grrrr. After removing the staples (took a few nights due to my patience) I painted the frame white. I thought about sanding down parts of it to make it look rustic but I decided against it (obviously lol). After the paint dried, I cut twine rope to the size of the frame horizontally. I found some black patterned clothespins at Michael’s for $1.50 which I used to hang the pictures. WALA, complete! Taking out the staples was the only step that took awhile. Easy picture frame project that you can easily switch pictures in and out from.

20150407_134840 IMG_20150521_191056

Office Desk for less than $60!

Hello!!! I am unbelievably excited to post about my newest project I just completed. I actually completed last weekend but haven’t had a chance to post about it. I was in desperate need of a workstation for crafting and displaying all my crafting items, hence why I decided to create a desk for my craft room! I decided to repurpose two filing cabinets and a door to complete this idea. Even better, I found the filing cabinets and door at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore! I accidentally overpaid $5 for one of the filing cabinets but didn’t care because it goes to a good cause 🙂 One filing cabinet was $25 the other was $20 and the door was $5. The restore was having a furniture sale of 35% off so I saved even more 🙂 The only other cost was the spray paint. I bought 4 cans which cost about $16 but only used 2.5 cans.

   20150413_222246         20150413_22240620150413_222331

You will need:

  • 2 filing cabinets
  • 1 door
  • 3 cans of white Rustoleum spray paint (I bought 4 just in case but only used about 2.5)
  • Sander and sanding paper
  • Miniwax Wood Finish
  • Rubber gloves

I started by wiping down the filing cabinets and getting the gunk off from the price stickers. Next I set the filing cabinets on a drop cloth (aka an old tablecloth that my dog chewed a hole in). Let the spray painting begin! I let the first coat dry for about 40 minutes. I strongly advise to wait a good chunk of time before applying the next coat, otherwise the paint will either drip or set weird. If you do end up having paint drips, simply take a piece of sandpaper (use a low grit) and sand down the area. I had to do this SEVERAL times so don’t worry, it happens. Also, if you notice after the first coat that it looks “spotty” don’t worry! After each coat of spray paint it will even out. I took pictures of the spotty look just so you know what it will probably look like after the first coat. I applied 3 coats of spray paint for each cabinet. In the end I used about 2.5 cans of spray paint. I plan on stenciling the filing cabinet doors at a later time. I plan on spray painting the hardware gold in the future.               20150404_152602 20150404_15260720150404_15282820150404_15355220150405_17351220150405_17351820150405_17352620150405_173537

While waiting for the spray paint to dry, I started on the door. I was very excited if you can’t tell! I removed the hardware from the door (it was a sliding door). I then started sanding. The grit level I used was 70. I went over the edges a few times just to make sure it was smooth. After you are done sanding, I wiped down the door with wet paper towels. This step is often called “wet sanding”. I waited about an hour before staining. I used the brand Miniwax for my stain. I used a sock to apply the stain. I also wear rubber gloves when staining. I was unhappy with a few areas after I applied the first coat of stain so I sanded down the areas again. I added more stain to those areas but it didn’t look darker than the other areas. I let the door dry overnight. The door didn’t really need stain but I wanted it just a bit darker so that’s why I applied 1 coat of stain.

20150404_155707 20150404_155725 20150404_160320 20150405_180555

The next day, I used a paintbrush (specifically for polyurethane) too apply the polyurethane. I only applied one coat but probably should have applied more because of how often I will use the desk, again I was TOO EXCITED TO WAIT! I let the polyurethane dry another day.

20150404_160338 20150406_185108

Annnnd finally COMPLETE! I moved the filing cabinets into my craft room then set the door right on top. Again, I plan on spray painting the hardware a gold color and stenciling the front of the cabinets. Maybe a navy blue? What do you guys think? Any suggestions? So far it is very sturdy. I know this because I had to sit on it to complete my gallery wall above it 🙂 And of course I had to take several pictures of this “area” because I am so happy about how it turned out! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!

 20150413_222246 20150413_22240620150413_222331  20150413_185752 20150413_232714 20150414_12310120150413_222422

Thrifty Spring Decor Dos!

I hope you’ve had a chance to read my other spring decor project I posted earlier today. For this project I used: recycled glass jars, chalkboard paint, dollar store moss, and dollar store flowers. I’m not a huge fan of the dollar store flowers because I’m already not a huge fan of fake flowers to begin with but my oh so lovely budget calls for cheap fake flowers. For the glass jars, I just clean out pickle jars, gravy jars, tomato sauce jars, etc. I liked the idea of using different sized jars to make it more whimsical. I have used these glass jars for each season and just change the word of the season with chalk. That’s right, all FOUR seasons have the same amount of letters! (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) Yes that’s right, I switched the word Fall to Autumn to make it work 🙂 Ironically, I can use the same amount of glass jars to spell Kansas and plan to put wheat in the jars during the summer when I get tired of “summer”. Anyway, I had already painted the glass jars with chalkboard paint and didn’t take a picture of doing so (it was pre-blog days).

I started by spreading green moss into the bottom of each jar. Again, I bought the moss from Dollar Tree and honestly I couldn’t be happier about how it looks! I then cut the dollar store flowers so that they were the height I needed. I used scissors and pliers to cut the flowers at the stem. This took a little work and made me realize I need to invest in wire cutters. I divided the flowers between each jar and obviously wrote the word “Spring” on the chalkboard paint circles. I’m not a huge fan of my handwriting so bare with the not-so-cute font. I’m going to finish the project by using the rope I used in the previous spring decor post. I’m going to wrap the top of the jars with the rope to give it more of a polished or finished look. What do you guys think? Any ideas on what to put in the jars besides flowers?

20150308_134943 20150308_140304 20150308_14041020150314_114651

Another Bookshelf Makeover

I really enjoy using wrapping paper to help bring a boring bookshelf to life. For this bookshelf, I used wrapping paper from Target found in the dollar deal section. I found that cute little owl at Dollar tree too! I have been dying to paint this piece of furniture but haven’t had an idea worth trying yet. What do you think? Keep it black or paint it another color?


Bookshelf Makeover

As every broke thrifter knows, furniture makeovers are the best way to save money when it comes to needing furniture pieces. I was in need of a nightstand and had a not-so-nice looking bookshelf that needed some updating! Perfect! My bedroom is a grey and light blue palette which is how I chose the paint color for this bookshelf. Usually I have “during” pictures of my projects but forgot to take them for this project.
20141105_151306_resizedI used:

Krylon Acrylic Latex Enamel paint, in the color Blue Ocean Breeze with a Gloss finish


Silver polka dot wrapping paper purchased on Target

20150211_174710and Mod Podge

I started by painting the entire bookshelf with a single coat of the Blue Ocean Breeze paint. I let it dry for 30 minutes and then painted a second coat. I then laid the wrapping paper onto the back of the bookshelf to get approximate measurements. Next, I cut the wrapping paper with the exact approximate measurements to fit the back. This is NOT easy so don’t worry if you are a little off! Imperfections add character 🙂

Next, I spread an even layer of Mod Podge onto the back of the bookshelf. I did this with the bookshelf laying flat on its “back”. After spreading the Mod Podge, quickly lay the wrapping paper onto the back of the shelf. Mod Podge dries fairly quickly that is why you should measure the size you will need for the back of the shelf before applying the Mod Podge.

This is the final look.