Thrifty Spring Decor Dos!

I hope you’ve had a chance to read my other spring decor project I posted earlier today. For this project I used: recycled glass jars, chalkboard paint, dollar store moss, and dollar store flowers. I’m not a huge fan of the dollar store flowers because I’m already not a huge fan of fake flowers to begin with but my oh so lovely budget calls for cheap fake flowers. For the glass jars, I just clean out pickle jars, gravy jars, tomato sauce jars, etc. I liked the idea of using different sized jars to make it more whimsical. I have used these glass jars for each season and just change the word of the season with chalk. That’s right, all FOUR seasons have the same amount of letters! (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) Yes that’s right, I switched the word Fall to Autumn to make it work 🙂 Ironically, I can use the same amount of glass jars to spell Kansas and plan to put wheat in the jars during the summer when I get tired of “summer”. Anyway, I had already painted the glass jars with chalkboard paint and didn’t take a picture of doing so (it was pre-blog days).

I started by spreading green moss into the bottom of each jar. Again, I bought the moss from Dollar Tree and honestly I couldn’t be happier about how it looks! I then cut the dollar store flowers so that they were the height I needed. I used scissors and pliers to cut the flowers at the stem. This took a little work and made me realize I need to invest in wire cutters. I divided the flowers between each jar and obviously wrote the word “Spring” on the chalkboard paint circles. I’m not a huge fan of my handwriting so bare with the not-so-cute font. I’m going to finish the project by using the rope I used in the previous spring decor post. I’m going to wrap the top of the jars with the rope to give it more of a polished or finished look. What do you guys think? Any ideas on what to put in the jars besides flowers?

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Thrifty Spring Decor

I’M SO HAPPY IT IS FINALLY SPRING! I was in such an “eh” decorating mood after I took down all my Christmas decor. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyway, as you probably know, I have a TIGHT budget. This means that when it comes to decorating, I need to come up with very cheap decor ideas. The following spring decor items were made from dollar store and Goodwill finds. I go to Goodwill or Salvation Army almost on a weekly basis. I have only been to the thrift stores in my town and the town I grew up in but today I’m venturing out to some thrift stores in fancy communities. My goal is to find cheap items to use for a candy buffet for my sister’s bridal shower but secretly I really want to find some nicer items to use for my house decor 😮

On to the spring decor project! I found the three tin buckets at the Goodwill back home. They were each .49 which is AWESOME! I also bought a larger tin bucket for $1.99 but haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I bought the green moss from Dollar Tree as well as the colored mini eggs. I already had the white candle and will probably replace the mini eggs with two more white candles after Easter. I already had the rope which I bought at Michaels (I am obsessed with that store but who isn’t!)

Instead of having to use a ton of the moss to fill the buckets to the top, I crumpled newspaper and then set the moss on the top and sides. This helped save the moss for the other project I will talk about next. What do you guys think? Any ideas on how to change up the decor in the buckets?

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