Fun Picture Frame Project

WOOOOOOW, I have not updated my blog in a month! It has been a crazy month (both sisters graduated, mother’s day, and one of my sisters is getting married). I have been working on updating my parent’s house rather than working on projects of my own, which I’m completely okay with 🙂 But I finally completed an easy picture frame project that anyone could do!

I found this picture frame at Goodwill and really liked the details on the frame. I had to use pliers to rip out the staples on the back of the frame. This was a lot harder than you would think, grrrr. After removing the staples (took a few nights due to my patience) I painted the frame white. I thought about sanding down parts of it to make it look rustic but I decided against it (obviously lol). After the paint dried, I cut twine rope to the size of the frame horizontally. I found some black patterned clothespins at Michael’s for $1.50 which I used to hang the pictures. WALA, complete! Taking out the staples was the only step that took awhile. Easy picture frame project that you can easily switch pictures in and out from.

20150407_134840 IMG_20150521_191056

Thrifty Spring Decor

I’M SO HAPPY IT IS FINALLY SPRING! I was in such an “eh” decorating mood after I took down all my Christmas decor. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyway, as you probably know, I have a TIGHT budget. This means that when it comes to decorating, I need to come up with very cheap decor ideas. The following spring decor items were made from dollar store and Goodwill finds. I go to Goodwill or Salvation Army almost on a weekly basis. I have only been to the thrift stores in my town and the town I grew up in but today I’m venturing out to some thrift stores in fancy communities. My goal is to find cheap items to use for a candy buffet for my sister’s bridal shower but secretly I really want to find some nicer items to use for my house decor 😮

On to the spring decor project! I found the three tin buckets at the Goodwill back home. They were each .49 which is AWESOME! I also bought a larger tin bucket for $1.99 but haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I bought the green moss from Dollar Tree as well as the colored mini eggs. I already had the white candle and will probably replace the mini eggs with two more white candles after Easter. I already had the rope which I bought at Michaels (I am obsessed with that store but who isn’t!)

Instead of having to use a ton of the moss to fill the buckets to the top, I crumpled newspaper and then set the moss on the top and sides. This helped save the moss for the other project I will talk about next. What do you guys think? Any ideas on how to change up the decor in the buckets?

20150308_141714 20150308_171624 20150308_171631 20150308_171609